Morrisville State College Clubs

There are more than 40 clubs and organizations at Morrisville State College which encompass many specific interests and career objectives.

Participation in extracurricular activities will enrich college and life experiences. Being involved will challenge students to make decisions, solve problems, achieve personal and professional goals, and increase their level of satisfaction and sense of accomplishment.

The best way to discover more about a single group is to attend one of its meetings, visit the club advisor, or inquire in the Student Activities Office. Watch for new-member recruitment and meeting announcements on campus for opportunities to get involved.

Morrisville State College students are encouraged to form organizations and to sponsor activities which provide social, cultural, educational, and recreational activities for members of the college community. For a new club to be recognized by SGO, it must submit a New Club Recognition Form, Club Constitution, and an Executive Board Roster to the SGO Executive Board. These forms must be reviewed by the SGO Executive Board, the Dean of Students, the President, the University College Council and the SGO Assembly, respectively. After approval by the SGO Assembly, the club or organization is established.